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Team Us is a not-for-profit gaming group based primarily in Arizona.  We exist to increase the enjoyment of intellectual gaming for adults, and promote events to pursue our passion in creative gaming. Specifically, in customizable card games (CCGs).  We attempt to adorn all of our members in Team us gear, attend gaming conventions such as GenCon, Comic-Con, Wizard World, DragonCon, etc. We are always investing in trying new games and gaming accessories.

The Secret Origin of Team Us...

A warm sunny day in the Autumn of 2001, three individuals were play-testing decks at a book store in Arizona. There was an agreement that they should form an alliance, in order to introduce more diversity and originality when play-testing decks for the tournament scene. The alliance was formed, the charter was signed, and soon more players were vetted and selected based on their skills and creativity.


Shortly after, as Team Us grew in numbers, member TopdawgZ named the group of players "Team Us", and the rest is history.  Time passed, and Team Us grew. They traveled together, met many interesting and strange individuals in the gaming community, but soon proved the adage that the friends that play together, stay together.

Today, as the CCG environment wanes, Team Us continues to meet and explore gaming alternatives.  Whether it be Trivial Pursuit or MMOs, DDR or RPGs, Miniatures or Poker, TCGs or LCGs, we have been going strong for a decade, with no end in sight!  Though the economy has forced the gaming community into a decline, we are still looking for sponsors.  We can provide advertising, articles/reports for publication, rigorous play-testing, and have several members with judging experience for a variety of games, and can shift gears as needed.  We also appreciate all the donations of time, food, and money from friends of Team Us.  If you wish to support our group, feel free to click the donation button below.  Team Us will play cards for food!
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